Passenger 10 doesn’t like to travel but when he does he prefers to sit on the aisle. He is a loner and one could say he is hard to guess, and sometimes moody and introvert. But he’s a kind man, a man that likes to live in the bubble of his little world and just enjoys making music. Let us walk through his newest baby, another stunning 3 track EP. When it comes to progressive house and melodic house music, he certainly knows what knobs to turn and what sounds to choose. So it is needless to say that this EP has no filler but 3 uplifting progressive prime time gems that play in their own league and are pure teasers in any DJ set and up-to-date playlist. Pick your own favourite here, plug in your head phones or speakers of choice and rave out like its 1999 as this 3 track will keep hitting the spot for hopefully not so many lonely times ahead – dreaming of days with good times & friends while Passenger 10 works on his next masterpiece for us all to enjoy. DRW 6*.


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