next release on Swerve is the ‘Genesis-3’ VA. A compilation of works from some of the UK’s finest up and coming artists. Featuring a varied blend of housey pianos, acid melodies, wobbly basslines, pumping tech beats and much more, it’s a release that is likely to have a little something for everyone inside. ‘Panic Acid’ sports an edgy, robotic vibes and plenty of quirky character. ‘Supernova’ features high-energy, rolling beats, a strong melodic sub and a catchy vocal hook. ‘Discovery’. On-trend house feel made most definitely for the peak time slots. The subtle introduction of its piano lines and strings perfectly compliment an already pounding number. Following on, Caruana’s ‘Don’t Stop’ is another edgy and non-conformist creation. An essentially quirky track with hints of modern tech influence. Last but not least, Fede Aliprandi closes the show with ‘Living With Mom’. Punchy rhythm, supplemented by a groovy melodic sub and scattered percussive elements; not to mention the catchy hook and big transitions! 5 rave ready workouts hitting you right in time for another big weekend ahead! DRW 6*


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