The best thing we find about Anna Schneider is you never know whats next! Her last release we reviewed ‘ All I see’ was a epic deep house workout that we still are currently playlisting on high rotation. Fast forward 12 more months her label ‘Sous Music’ goes from strength to strength and she does this. Dreamy melodic techno is the first up title track release which twist and turns its way thru one very epic journey. ‘Fort Romeau’ delivers the remix which keeps the original concept but adding a more disco, driving bassline which packs a touch more energy. ‘Tijuana’ gets more quirky and swings its hips thru a series of great drum arrangements which keep the anticipation on edge the entire tracks length but its the Mella Dee that really slams this package home! Picking up the BPM to 133 and destroying anything that dares to stand in its path you know this is going to be destroying some speakers in the coming weeks. Huge package from the creative force that is Anna Schneider! 10/10 DRW


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