“Restless” is not only a stellar track, but it’s an apt name for what fans have been feeling these past two years; feeling restless as they patiently waited for new music to sweep them away and Miami Horror did not disappoint, crafting a song that hits all of the right notes and shines a light on the very best of what makes this band so special. If “Restless” is anything to go off of, fans will be in for a treat with the rumour of lots of new releases ahead! The story that the track creates aurally in translated into the visual with complete perfection by its music video. Directed by Keenan Wetzel, the video focuses on two tennis upstarts looking to hone their craft, only to end up embracing the sport of love instead. Set in a sunny beach setting, the video is an ideal counterpart to the release and once again this one’s perfect for the good times that await you this week in Bali and beyond.


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