Ireland’s favourite duo Feel My Bicep’s label return to the plate courtesy of artist Hammer and smash 3 home runs with another epic 3 tracker that remind of why we all fell in love with the labels infectious productions to start with. Emotive, dreamy and futuristic within each release is always the order of the day with each of Bicep’s A &R work but its Hammer’s craft in the theme of each track thats demanding our ears attention across all 3 tracks after a few listens. Ranging from 119 BPM to 124, ranging from more plucked stripped back affairs in ‘Parabola’ to the dreamy ‘Panoptic’ which drifts its way thru its path and then rounding out with the energetic and bleepy ‘Entropy’ their is something for everyone here no matter how you like your more melodic vibes served! DRW 10/10


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