When it comes to collaborations there is some that you know are going to work no matter what, even before the first listen and here is our most recent recommendation courtesy of proven favourite Huxley and one of the hottest producers to rise thru the ranks in 2019 Jacky. The title track and first up gets things moving in the right direction with its quirkiness and straight-up driving percussion which leads into the second cab of the rank ‘Rave Dance’ a 90’s vibed stab arrangement and an instructive female vocal theme this one up which is aimed at direct at fun times on the dancefloor. “Put Your Number’ is the closing offering which comes in the form of an original and remix. The original follows the vibe of the release so far but its the remix that really rounds out the package for us getting into a more 303 pattern situation and into the more techno side of things. Just one of many reasons to make sure you catch both Huxley and Jacky next time they pass thru your local rave headquarters! DRW 10/10


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