After the first quick scan it’s not hard to tell why there is always so much hype surrounding a new Scuba EP. The choice is always guaranteed with variation on the flavorsome menu across all dishes of the 3 track offering. First up the title track “Expectations’ goes down a more 90’s house vibe which always gets our palette fired up for what’s to come. ‘Voices’ drops into the bleepy and plucked 303 zone, with a nice atmospheric backing theme which drifts of into space before kicking back in with a slightly more complexed arrangement twisting a touch deeper into the listener’s path. “Burn Out’ finishes things of liked a finely packaged dessert offering. Not too sweet but full of subtle surprises that complete the journey courtesy of on of the finest producers on the planet right now – Scuba! Another quality release that breaks down the genre barriers and just delivered quality house treats! DRW 10/10


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