Terr is the exciting musical project of Daniela Caldellas, the Berlin-based DJ/producer and label owner, who grew up in Brazil’s Belo Horizonte. Her tunes have been heavily featured across our reviews in recent times with her feel good Indie / Disco anthems that keep coming but this is easily her finest work to date. Pulling at heart strings all at the right moments its obvious her music study growing up is starting to pay dividends. Dropping things down with a cruise thru emotive minor chords then packing the energy into a clever transition while keeping a smile isn’t a easy thing to create on a dancefloor but Terr does it with ease thru her progressing sound scapes. Flip it over for a deeper original version and all your playlist additions just got a whole lot better courtesy of #baliclubbing and Terr. DRW 101/10


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