Four years after his standout Truesoul debut, Cristoph returns with a trio of peak-time weapons. Cristoph’s latest contribution to Truesoul was a masterstroke of deft dancefloor dynamics, imbued with the right balance of polished low-end groove, licks of melody and pin-sharp drums that epitomized his high production standards. To many, both tracks stand as highlights in the imprint’s canon of releases. ‘Consequence of Society Vol. X’ is his latest contribution and maintains the high bar set. ‘Sleepless Nights’ is driven by an emotive bassline melody and stirring orchestral break and is made for peak-time moments. A fact confirmed by Eric Prydz when he dropping it at Coachella last year during a Cirez D set. ‘Starcourt’ is plucky and propulsive, its deep grooves injected with bags of energy. Like its predecessor, ‘Hawkins’ reinforces Cristoph’s love of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ and navigates the EP home with uplifting arpeggios and crisp production techniques. DRW 6*


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