Bassjackers – Exclusive Interview.


We caught up with Bassjackers a few months ago just before touching down in Bali for his latest show managed  to pin him down for a quick interview!


Gamer is out now and your latest EDM stomper. Tell us how you come up with the title to this tune and the really cool retro artwork?
We like video games and were checking out these old Nintendo commercials and heard the coolest vocal and decided to sample and use it! Thus the name Gamer was born and the artwork came naturally.

In the day and age of a producer and a DJ working together to create the ultimate wonder team, how do you  guys usually plan out each tune? Does an idea come to the table? Are you humming melodies into your phone or do you both wait to sit down  and make the magic happen?
When Marlon is touring I (Ralph) work in the studio on new music. We go back and forth on new ideas by email phone and Skype. Marlon can test new ideas at the clubs and festivals and give feedback about the music from a DJ perspective. When Marlon is back from tour we go into the studio together to wrap up the tracks.

It’s no secret that the US of A’s boom has really rocketing your profile and many of your fellow touring friends  and performers. For those out there that haven’t experienced it first hand – how are the crowds there compared to other  nations and we just seem to see lots of reviews and pictures of the festivals, what are the club shows like and  how many people are turning up to a midweek party??
EDM in the States is booming!! It’s amazing how the parties, festivals & clubs, are. The people really make something special out of it and rage all night long. The club shows are packed from what we experience, and yes, even on midweek parties. Amazing!

Do you guys have any exclusive deals with any labels? If so what are they and if not how do you shop your  finished production around, IE How do you go about finding the best home for each release??
We don’t have any exclusive deals and whenever we finish something we assess which label we would like for the track. It has to be a match!

Every year there is a super producer that pops up and takes the world by storm, this past 12 months it has  been Martin Garrix but…… IF Martin didn’t come about who do you think it would of been this year?  And who do you think has made a impact post ‘Animals’ ?
Pff that’s a hard one to answer. All we can say is that Martin made a HUGE impact with animals and we think thats incredible! We can’t think of anyone that comes close to what he has achieved this year because thats just next level. But our favorite newcomers this year will have to be guys like MAKJ, Thomas Newson, Henry Fong, Kenneth G.

Your heading down to Asia this week for a string of gigs, taking in the massive Sunblast 3 day festival in Bali at  Sky Garden, is there anything install for us that we should prepare for ?  Any tricks up your sleeve or any new tunes we should be on the listen for ?
We always have some new tricks up our sleeve 😉 We’re currently in LA finishing some insane collabs which you’ll definitely are going to hear and we’re working on a big big remix. Exciting!!

Whats next for Bassjackers??
A lot of touring coming up, we already planned some more US tours, Miami preparations are starting and we’re doing Future Music Festival in Australia which is going to be insane! Furthermore ‘Crackin’ gets an official release real soon and in February we got our next release which will get a cool video as well!


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