James Curd Exclusive Interview.

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We noticed you have fetish for sneakers, can you tell us about your most prized pair and why they are exactly that? We would also love to hear which illusive pair you want but don’t own or stumbled across yet? And Finally where is the best place you have located for all your sneaker freaker needs??
I would call it more of a healthy appreciation for sneakers! My synth obsession falls much more in the category of fetish! The ones that kinda kicked off my collecting are the custom Adidas by an old artist friend Lee Quinones. I have a bunch of Nike limited edition high tops but the next pair I really want to get are the Stefan Janoski obsidian skate shoes. I’m mostly buying skate shoes again!

What made you decide to make the move to Australia from such aj iconic place for all things house music like Chicago and when did you make the move? Do you have any regrets and what do you wish you could find in Australia that you miss from home?
I had been traveling to Australia for years and I always had a great time. Then I met my then girlfriend and now wife Minnii. We met in Melbourne and did long distance for awhile. Then she moved to Chicago for a year and a half but we decided Australia was a better home base for us. I love the people, weather, and progessive mindset of looking after it’s citizens compared to USA’s every man for himself idea. I don’t have any regrets but I miss my friends, family and Chicago food!

While when on the subject of big changes, tell us about the move from Greenskeepers to James Curd?
It came really naturally. I started Greenskeepers with my friend but then almost straight away he moved overseas. I did Greenskeepers by myself for the first 3 years so it’s all the same work just different names on the releases.

Besides the above two alias’ is there anymore you’re not telling us or any projects you’re working on behind the scenes??
Currently I’m working on a bunch of projects. One big focus is my new band project called “Favored Nations”. It’s with my friends Morgan Phalen and Surahn. Morgan is an amazing singer who also wrote and performed the two singles off of Justice’s last album. Surahn plays bass and guitar in the Empire Of The Sun live show. We also have Joey Waronker from Atom’s For Peace playing drums and percussion on most of the songs! We have only released one EP so far and had one song featured in the new Grand Theft Auto as the finale song when you beat the game! Besides Favored Nations I’m working on two feature films doing the music supervision and score.

You seem to of had a lot of success with your music making onto TV shows and even onto Grand Theft Auto, something that most producers could only dream about and true testament to the quality of your workmanship.. Is there any advice you can give to any young producers to get their music onto some of these avenues or any secrets you can share??
I get this question a lot and I wish I could help out with a specific answer. I’ve been really lucky that the music supervisors have liked my music enough to place them in the shows or games. I think the best advice would be to try and work with labels that suit your music the most that have had some success in licensing music from their catalog.

Is this the first time you have played in Bali? Mint has a massive reputation of being Bali’s most underground and respected club for all things deep and techy – is there anything you can share with us for what we can expect from your set?
I’m know I’m going to have a great time. I’ve really enjoyed Bali so far and I’m already not looking forward to leaving. I’m going to bring a little bit of Chicago dirt, mixed in with a little bit of Australia’s sunshine with some new productions sprinkled on top!

Finally – what’s next for James Curd?
I have a new single coming out on Aeroplanes new label “Aeropop” called “Let’s Bounce” that features Nah Man on vocals. (Nah Man was also the vocalist for “Parachute Youth”)
I have another song with Nah Man that I’ve done with Luke Million called “Say The Words To You” coming soon with remixes by Yolanda Be Cool and Option4.
A few solo things coming soon on Exploited too!


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