5 minutes with Benny Grauer

1. Deep Circus your own label has managed to get support from guys like Richie Hawtin and Luciano – when you started out as a label boss did you ever dream of having such respected DJs in the techno scene playing your records? Can you shed some more light on the releases they have supported and tell us more about other A list support Deep Circus has had recently?
I think if you start a Label, it should be a must to present only quality music which such DJs like to play and support. But sure, i was really happy as i saw a youtube clip where Richie Hawtin played our 3rd Deep Circus Release. It was my Moogphunk E.P. and Richie played the Aemkay Remix alot. Luciano supported the Sasse remix from my Hannibal E.P, the 2nd Deep Circus release. There are many other great acts on our feedback list, like Dubfire, Adam Beyer, Marco Carola, Sven Väth.

2. Whats up next for Deep Circus? Any compilations we should be looking out for or a artist album coming soon?
In July we’re presenting two remix compilations with the best remixes already released on Deep Circus over the last 4 Years. At the end of summer were going to start with new DC material from Fred Siera, Sweet n Candy, Lilith and myself. We have no artist album planned yet, but maybe in the future.

3. Have you any artists that you’ve signed recently on your label that is their first release that you can tell us to look out for in the future or any recommendations?
No artist completely fresh artist currently but you should look out for the upcoming Sweety n Candy release. MASSIVE!

4. You have played from one side of the globe and back and no doubt done some amazing shows , can you tell us about your favourite club show and festival appearance and what really cemented those 2 shows in your memory as the ones to tell us about?
Its not easy to choose one special club show. I played over many years in a lot of cool clubs with a great crowd and atmosphere. Specially in Berlin I’ve had a lot of great shows.
I think SOMA at Goa on my Asia Tour last year was special. A really nice open air location, directly on sea, super friendly people, was a amazing experience.
The first Day & Night Festival was great, located in the region where i’m originally come from in the south of germany. There were so many friends around and it’s always best to celebrate with good friends at home.

5. Being from Germany and firmly established as Techno HQ – Berlin, what do you think really sets Berlin apart from other cities for its fine taste in music and why its stayed at the forefront of underground music for such a long time?
Berlin is very open minded. There’s space for subculture and creative minds. Thats why you can find there are many special places, clubs, open air events and the city never sleeps. Party people can enjoy Berlin 24h a day, 7 days a week, without a break. Which is unique in the world!
That’s also the reason why many DJs and producers are based in Berlin – It’s easy to meet new contacts, build up your network & collaborate with other artists.

6. If you weren’t so actively involved in the music scene and obviously something you are very passionate about, what do you think you would be doing for work?
I think creative work still, Maybe a graphic design or similar

7. In Bali were also very passionate about our music and clubbing scene to with such a vibrant and healthy scene, were really looking forward to you coming to play at Mint this weekend, can you share with us some of what you imagine Bali is going to be like and what you have heard from past DJS and associates that have played here?
I’m really looking forward to playing at Mint, i’ve only heard good things about the crowd and the Bali clubbing scene. Other acts have told me, Bali clubbers are open minded and this is not normal for such a tourist island usually.

8. Last of all, can you tell us about your latest release and what’s next for Benny Grauer ??
My latest single called The Poem was released at the end of march on Moodmusic.
Also i have completed remixes for Leevey on Parquet recorrds and Justrice on Truesounds records released in April and May. After my Asia Tour i’ll finalize my new Deep Circus single, my next Moodmusic release and a remix for Lilith on DC. Following that in August I begin working on my first Artist Album.


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