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We have watched the Melbourne scene in recent years explode and its almost weekly now a new producer hits super stardom globally out of nowhere. What & why do you think sets Melbourne apart from the rest of Australia both as a creative hub for musicians and makes the clubbing scene so vibrant?

The Melbourne scene has always had a genuine love for the underground clubs and music! I believe the passion and love for what was once an underground sound now shines through to the world. It is a unique and distinctive sound driven by an extremely passionate and loyal state within Australia!

Right now besides the obvious few who do you think will be the next couple of producers to go global?

There is such a crazy amount of young talented, up and coming DJ/Producers in Melbourne, but if I had to name a short list, I would say Joel Fletcher, Reece Low, Loutaa and Tyron Hapi! They are all incredibly talented and hard working! I can definitely see them going global in the near future.

Tell us about one night in CLoud 9 melbourne infamous Mutli roomed Saturday Night madhouse? How many rooms, the different sounds, some of the regular guests and some gossip?
Cloud Nine is definitely one of a kind and unique in so many ways! It’s definitely a club that everyone has to experience at least once to fully understand why this nightclub was voted the number 1 club in Victoria! I am always touring around the country and internationally, but when I return home, I am always so excited to return to my home ground, Cloud Nine! The vibe in the club is like no other! The crowd is completely wild! It’s like something comes over you when you walk into the club! Everyone is going completely MENTAL! Definitely out of this world!

While we’re on the subject of gossip what’s news at the SBDJ camp ? Anything we should know about coming soon? New releases? Events?

I have so much coming up and i cannot wait to share with the world what i have been working on! I have been going hard in the studio and have a release coming out on October 6th which I’m super pumped about! I’m also just about to go on tour with ‘One Of Them Nights’ on the ‘Almost Australia Tour’. I’ll be traveling with my good friends from OOTN around the country for some epic shows and expecting a very, very wild tour! Watch this space!

If you weren’t DJing where do you think you would be ? DO you have a secondary job or DJing full time as we notice on your gig schedule its crazy currently..

The only thing i could ever see myself doing is DJing and producing! This is my passion and my only way of living now! I am well and truly addicted to this life so I have no other choice in striving to be the biggest DJ/Producer in the world… or ill settle for the top 10 at least! Haha! 😉

What’s the craziest thing you have seen inside a club in recent times?

I have definitely seen some crazy things in my time while DJing in many different types of clubs.. It’s always an interesting night! But if i had to name one.. It would be when i recently played in Quebec, Canada! I played the last song and felt the desire to play killing in the name of by rage against the machine.. Just for something different! 😉 People went absolutely mental! A massive punch on occurred and people were going insane!! Haha oops!

Your two most proudest moments of 2014 so far? Surely one has to be making it into the ITM 2014 top 20 DJS? Was that something you expected?

First proudest moment would have to be getting number 18 in the ITM Top 50 DJ awards! I honestly was so shocked that i got that high! Was a real nice feeling to see how much support i have from my fans! 🙂
Second would have to be my new release getting signed by an epic label that has always been a goal of mine to work with! I can’t name who yet, but stay tuned for October 6th! 🙂

SBDJ current top 10?

We Were Young – DVBBS
Gold Skies – Sander Van Doorne, Martin Garrix, DVBBS (ft. Aleesia)
Raise Your Hands – Ummet Ozcan (Slander Festival Trap Edit)
How We Party – R3hab, VINAI
Turn Up The Speakers – Afrojack & Martin Garrix
Ready – Deorro vs MAKJ
Bounce Generation – TJR, VINAI
Smash – Ummet Ozcan
Shaolin – Mighty Fools
Tremor – Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike

On November 26th, your heading over to Bali to play Sunblast Ultraglow Festival, can you share with us some insight into your last show in Bali and also let us in on your thoughts of the whole Ultraglow concept?

I’m all about the party! The wilder, the better! So when you put a paint party with Bali… You got me FROFFIN!! Bali is seriously one of the most beautiful parts of the world, so it’s always a privilege going there! So I’m really hanging to play there again! Last time I played in Bali, everyone partied hard and went crazy with me.. So I’m expecting an incredible and wild party at Sunblast Ultraglow Festival!!!


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