Local DJ, Producer and surfer is flying the flag internationally.

Its no secret within the Bali clubbing scene that local hero Yuki Yamaguchi is playing at all the top end clubs & events from one side of the island to the other but of late his name has been spreading to much further reaches and beyond due to his commitment within the industry.

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Just returning from rocking a capacity crowd at Potato Head’s garage in Jakarta he literally packs his bags once again and heads of to Hong Kong to headline Vibes at the Mira’s 3rd birthday. From resident DJ at places like Rock Bar, Salty’s, Potato Head and Sky Garden just a part of his accreditations locally its overseas where he is beginning to make his mark both with his DJ sets and his soundcloud page which gets an amazing amount of visitors and downloads from all corners of the globe due to the popularity both his sets and remixes gain.

Want to know more? Check out his remix for Flight Facilities latest outing its our favourite to date.


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