Turntables to Break The Budget

In 2014 numerous reports and studies have showed that vinyl sales are on the rise once again and with the growth of vinyl sales follows the demand for record players and turntables once again in the consumer market. 
Pioneer the leaders in the DJ market for pushing the boundaries of technology and equipment recently released their version purposely built for bringing vinyl back into the nightclub industry and it has been welcomed with open arms. 
For our feature of the week in this weeks edition though we focus on a list of the worlds most expensive turntables, with prices ranging from $50,000 to a crazy $650,000. Undoubtedly these wont make it into any nightclub servicing but with the way the whole dance music has exploded we are certain some of the top tier earners have one of 5 selected decks in their loungeroom. Watch this space. 

da vinci audio labs gmbh swiss

AAS Gabriel / DaVinciAudio Reference Turntable MKII arrives at $50-000


Rossner & Sohn MOTT $185 000


Transrotor Artus will set you back $200 000


Transrotor Argos $250 000


Goldmund Reference II – just a sleek $300 000


DesignHaus Dereneville VPM 2010-1    $650 000

Turntables may be more or less than the mentioned price .


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