Bassnectar Remixes The Glitch Mob – “Beauty of the Unhidden Heart”

“Love Death Immortality” the 2014 chart topping album of American three member group The Glitch Mob, has been released in a 18 track compilation composing of remakes of original songs from the band’s sophomore album featuring remixes by a plethora of heavy-hitting dance music artists such as Bassnectar, Nadastrom, Mord Fustang, Si Begg, and Emalkay, and more as well as showcasing a variety of newcomers to the indie and electronic music space .

One of the album highlights Bassnectar’s anticipated remix of “Beauty of the Unhidden Heart,” only just unveiled see’s Lorin Ashton flexing his bass credentials into the rework delivering a tight mix that’s less inner city, more of a day trip with a wide expansion of sounds. From press play and go its another that draws the listener in with a teasing synth melody followed with a bass pattern that sets the stage for the beautiful vocal. Building in the back ground a fusion of subtle melodies soon give way to the powerful wave of bass that takes control adding edge through electronic injections of top-lining sound. Staying faithful to the original, it transitions with hypnotic movement immersing so many distinctive layers of sound woven through to the end while telling a story of all that’s been told in pure dance-floor energy of slow builds and heavy drops, making this another for the collection, in a remix that does the original justice while the distinctive Bassnectar sound shines through.

courtesy of thirst4beats


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