Orkidea Covers Jean Michel Jarre’s Classic ‘Revolution Industrielle’

Helsinki Producer DJ Orkidea releases a stunning retro-futuristic revision of ‘Revolution Industrielle’ from the Jean-Michel Jarre catalogue released March 2nd on Black Hole Recordings.
Bringing his studio skills and production knowledge to the fore he tackles the legendary composer’s 1988 classic ‘Revolution Industrielle’ with such style and grace, transforming without distorting giving it a club force for the floor titans while ’utilizing masterful chord transposal and emotion-spiking Roland D-50 synths to retain the original’s soundscape feel & drama.’ Following the smorgasbord of re-invisioned J.J.M synth exploding sounds, floor peaking induced, Orkidea once again stamps his own style adding further mileage to the energizer driving it into the after-hours locking down groove with added depth and floor igniting expression. An impressive rework tailor made for the club floors of 2015, a treat for the trancers or lovers of electronic , no doubt will be requested by enthusiastic club patrons.

courtesy of thirst4beats


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