Wild Culture Releases ‘Tide’ EP on Kitball Records

Austrian duo, Wild Culture have recently released their fourth original set of works on Kittball Records. Wild Culture’s Tide EP was released on December 24, 2014 and follows their first three EPs, Faith, This Moment and Fade.
The new release features two original new tracks by the duo, after already having had their previous material remixed and supported by a number of top class acts such as Purple Disco Machine last year.

The first track, The TIDE, has a spooky down-tempo feel to it, a serene but mesmerizing display of deep, strong, tempo-oriented sounds. The nature of the track resonates in your head, as the duo incorporate more than one façade into the experience, with an ebb and flow of more than one side of the musical spectrum.

The second track on the release, With YOU, immediately ups the energy levels and throws in a more consistent, higher impact vocal along with some hypnotizing jazz infused synths. The weightless vocals create a contrast to the spacey bassline and create a really pleasant to listen to track. Over seven minutes long, it certainly does not appear to take that long to enter and exit the track

courtesy of beyond the drop


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