Its that distinctive sound of acid incorporated into productions that can set songs apart from the norm, but with the original Roland TB-303 near hard to get then producers this new Acid Machine the first emulator that replicates as the legendary Roland TB 303 this is sure to bring your reality of writing your dream acid productions into a real possibility all at a touch of web browser.

An amazing new development designed by Errozero a creative multi-media team based in the UK the Acid Machine is ready for play all assembled on your web browser and some say it works best in Google chrome.

Described by its creators as a “work in progress” It consists of two TB- 303 style synths, a sequencer and a drum machine. Hit play on the randomize button for some instant results and string patterns together or recall your favourite patches as well as the ability to make some really cool loops which all can be recorded and saved featuring a unique url so you can share your latest ACID production with friends.

With many new features rolling in as it is updated daily this passionate developer is currently adding new tools with the current version in BETA eventually it will roll out fully featured as rebirth come completion of this amazing project. So excellent love it.

Acid Tracks from Past to Present to Inspire
Australian producer and DJ, Jensen Interceptor, releases his second EP on Boysnoize Records, 9th March with the “CRACK” Ep featuring “That Acid Track” the 2nd track of four which features pure 303 acid sounds crafted over a raw techno beat.

German artist Alex Ridha, aka Boys Noize, provides a brand new edition of Tiga’s Bugatti with a remix that takes it to a whole new level with acid enhancing warping through the layers.

Original or Dex & Jonesy rmx would properly be a recall of the later Wink ‎– Higher State Of Consciousness for most but took a liking to this edit when heard it last year for the first time played via Eric Prydz which really emphasized the acid.

Kai Tracid with Rob Acid aka Rob Babicz with a collab and well played “Deeper”, that was a firm favourite track few years ago now, but its such a cool track I would actually still pull this one out today, has timeless qualities about it, and mixed right with another acid track that used, these two acid lines would mix so perfectly playing off each other, totally exciting and yes good track.

‘Feel The Music’ cuts its teeth oscillating and resonating authentic Roland 303 churn, which Guiseppe Ottaviani uses to progressively shape the track’s slower-burning tension. Todays trance using 303 acid

One of the harder acid tracks I collected pure 303 acid, originally it came in a white label from A*S*Y*S (Acid Save Your Soul)

Afrojack and Pacha On Acid, now if you dont know this one, where have you been.

Richie Hawtin under the Plastikman alias with an earlier production Marbles, acid again

Australia’s Dj Hellreiser with one of his productions Acid Noir 303 acid

Laurent Garnier – Acid Eiffel an older production that some may know.

Brain 3 – Acid Fly – Brain the collection on Brain Recordings all acid, think everyone must have a Brain track in there collection somewhere, there’s a few and all acid inspired.

courtesy of thirst4beats


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