A man called Gerald’s Lesson in house music is coming our way Bali.

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Asia is set to get a lesson from house royalty in the coming weeks thanks to dance music pioneer A Guy Called Gerald. The legendary producer and DJ is currently touring Australia, last weekend hitting Brisbane and Melbourne , fitting in two more stops at Melbourne’s New Guernica tomorrow night (18 March – to launch the new Roland AIRA MX-1 Performance Mixer) and at Oxford Art Factory in Sydney (22 March) before carrying on to Bali, China, Japan and South East Asia.

Gerald comes from a completely different era in club culture, but hasn’t remained stagnant. His ‘live’ Boiler Room set – streamable below – is a far cry from his Manchester days where “nobody was talking about the DJ”, but classics like Voodoo Ray will clearly still get a dancefloor jacking as hard as ever.

He is one of a few special producers who entered dance when it was jackin’ and has never let up. He was the first UK acid house producer and achieved the rare feat of having not one but two instrumental dance tracks in the UK charts at the same time. He formed 808 State with a drum machine, a 303, 2 Roland SH101s and two other humans.

Over the course of his career Gerald has collaborated with everyone from Frankie Knuckles and Goldie through to Derrick May and Herbie Hancock. His remix credits are equally impressive with reworks in his back catalogue for David Bowie, Lamb, Stone Roses, Can, Tricky and Roman Flügel as well as having toured with the likes of New Order and Bebel Gilberto.

You can catch the legend at the below dates!

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