Deadmau5 Apologizes to Krewellla for trolling


In a rare move for deadmau5 , he has shown remorse for all the torture he has put the girls of Krewella through. In a follow up interview with MTV news he said “after seeing their interview on MTV news i really felt bad” and “they go through so much more shit than every other artist out there, they don’t have it easy” “Cyberbullying is a problem no one should have to endure”. “I’d like to put it behind us and admit that i was wrong for saying you have no talent”. He Even went on to say “their voices were actually so good at Ultra that i thought about using them for a track but i didn’t want to seem like a total hypocrite.” Finally he went on to say “I wish those girls the best, they deserve all the fame they have gotten lately”. Hopefully this will end the drama between the 2 fan bases and everyone can get along like one big happy EDM family.
There still has been no comment from krewella regarding the apology.



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