Last weekend MTV interviewed dance music legends John Digweed and Paul Van Dyk to get their separate opinions on a range of topics concerning the current state of Electronic Dance Music.

Both DJ’s raised their concern towards the newer generation of DJs playing very popular tracks (Beatport Top 10) prompting the 2001 World No. 1 DJ, John Digweed to say that ” main-stage talent should be spinning lesser-known records to broaden the musical scope of their listeners, and being in that position you have that opportunity to play stuff that people don’t know which can really blow peoples minds.”

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I have to agree, personally I go to festivals to hear new music, and think this is where alot of artist can showcase there new stuff, but as Digweed says “but if you just chose to play stuff they know just to get a reaction, that’s just being lazy. There’s no challenge there.”

Paul Van Dyk’s comments back ” it’s the DJs’ duty, “I think it is our responsibility as DJs to dig through all those thousands and thousands of tracks that come out each week and pick out the ones that actually mean something,” he said.

Digweed admitted that when he took the Carl Cox stage on Saturday, he played records he had only downloaded that afternoon, saying that policy is what earned him the top DJ title in the past. But it’s not like that anymore.

Its really educating the listener as well, expanding their knowledge on music, they already love it, thats why they are there, so a new track is more than likely going to arouse them, with

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The interview takes a different direction with Paul being asked about some of the tactics used to get the audiences attention, when it is clearly driven away from the music, which kinda defeats the purpose !!

“I’m not part of that EDM culture — I’m not playing these pre-programmed sets and I’m not throwing cake at anyone,” “I can’t tell you anything about that.”

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