Amazing Project that turns Motion into Music complete with Futuristic Visuals


The V Motion Project completed two year’s ago in New Zealand is an amazing interactive music-video performance brought together by a collaboration between New Zealand creative agency Assembly and a team of musicians, programmers, and designers with the completed project, the result of months of experimenting originally designed as a promo for the New Zealand energy drink V Energy.

An amazing live performance that transfers a performer’s movements simultaneously this is then transferred into music and unreal graphics as you will see in the video. When the performer hits certain designated area’s mapped on the wall, different music samples and notes are played or gestures such as clapping hands can alter a drum beat. The performer’s movements are captured by two Xbox 360’s Kinect motion sensors which is running different software on two different computers then projected on stage in the form of a computer generated avatar.

The music system works by connecting the Kinect camera to Ableton Live, music sequencing software used by Djs and musicians during live performances. The body movements are then mapped to Ableton’s controls allowing different music patterns or sequences which lets the performer control the music just by moving.

Watch the video below which took place in Auckland, New Zealand. Would be great to see this project come alive again or used in performances from artists something very innovative and futuristic. Love it.


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