Dillon Francis is fuming over Kygo marketing stunt


Kygo had so much fun at Coachella that he sprayed the crowd with USB stick jam packed with music, but not all of it was his to give away.
Kygo’s USB marketing stunt was intended to fans a little bit of something for nothing. However that little bit of something also included a track made in his collaboration with Dillon Francis titled “Coming Home”.
The highly anticipated track featured vocalist James Hersey but it looks like Kygo forgot to ask permission from Francis who took to Twitter to vent his disgust.
The now deleted tweet read; “Next time you throw out USB’s with a song on them don’t throw out ones that have our song that’s supposed to be on my EP,”


Seems like he has some making up to do…
Check out the controversial track and Hersey’s original below and you tell us what the fuss is all about?


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