Dreamfields Festival Bali – Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dreamfields Festival is a owned and organized by Matrixx Events. Dreamfields is all about experience.
Experiencing electronic dance music. Experiencing show and entertainment. Experiencing the Bali culture. Experiencing love and happiness. Experiencing a perfect festival ambiance.

Unique concept. Dreamfields is well known for its mesmerizing stages and decorations. Dreamfields festival takes the visitor to a world of imagination and dreams. Dreamfields already proved its European success with a number of visitors exceeding 25.000 people. The first edition of Dreamfields Festival Bali was an immediate success and SOLD OUT. Matrixx Events has years of experience in organizing and creating EDM festivals and events in The Netherlands and Europe. The growth of Dreamfields festival is connected with the brand awareness and customer loyalty of the Dreamfields festival concept. The line-up of Dreamfields Festival always consists of high quality international artists. For Dreamfields it’s important to give talent and new acts a chance to shine at this level. Dreamfields festival offers multiple areas with different styles of EDM music. Dreamfields festival takes care of all the facilities and needs a visitor can imagine. Sustainability and Dreamfields festival are connected with each other. Dreamfields festival aims at a minimum of hazard to the environment, working with different kinds of sustainable measures.

The date of Dreamfields Bali, Saturday 15th august 2014, is perfect. Considering the season, August is a dry month. The weekend of the 15th of August is a holiday weekend of celebrations because of Independence Day of Indonesia. In addition, the month of August is also the high season in Bali with tourists coming from Australia, Europe and Asia. August is not in the typhoon season and the temperature is a little below average. Creating an ultimate festival date. The unique location of the Dreamfields Festival is part of the atmosphere. The GWK cultural park contains large statues, huge limestone pillars and an amazing view. In combination with the Dreamfields concept and the Indi globalization this location is perfect and mesmerizing.

Ticket and info: http://dreamfields.co.id/


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