Laidback Luke drops a DJ Seminar and history lesson – MUST WATCH.

It does not matter what genre your into or where your roots are, they should never be denied especially when it comes to DJs and their current genre of expertise.

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Laidback Luke has been at the forefront of technical innovation and DJ performances for more than a decade and when he speaks we listen (& we think so should you)

From showing us how effects were made in real time from the masters like Frankie Knuckles and the first phasing tricks with two vinyl records, to DJS first using the Bass to really make the woofers boom and shake the dance floor and techno masters like Dave Clark introducing cutting up big brass sections and 3 deck mixing.

This video has it all, a great bit of history and reminiscing for the older viewers, a great lesson for up and coming DJS & some great discussion on preparing for your sets all shared in a 1 hour video that’s our must watch video this week.

In Laidback Luke’s own words
Even though it’s very tempting to play the Beatport Top 100, or Top 10, you shouldn’t!


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