Fan sues Steve Aoki for “breaking her neck” at show

Anyone who’s seen Steve Aoki take the stage will know just how high-energy his sets are: cake is thrown, crowds are surfed, champagne is sprayed. But now, those infamous on-stage antics have landed the Dim Mak head in trouble, with one concert-goer suing the star after a stage dive allegedly left her in hospital with a broken neck.

US punter Brittany Hickman told America’s 10 News that she was in the crowd at a San Diego Steve Aoki show in May 2012 when the superstar DJ threw an inflatable raft into the crowd, climbed stage scaffolding and then jumped six metres down into the raft. She was standing directly underneath and was knocked unconscious; when Bittany later went to hospital, doctors told her she had a broken neck.

Now, Hickman is suing both Aoki and the Hard Rock Cafe where the show was held, telling 10 News the stage dive kept her off work for two months and almost left her paralysed. “If I would have thrown my arms above my head or reached for something, I could have paralysed myself,” she said. “Your life can be changed so much for someone’s reckless actions.” Aoki’s legal team confirmed the matter is due to go to trial on August 28.

The lawsuit isn’t the only piece of bad news the label boss has received this month. Last week, the hard-touring star cancelled five European dates so that he could undergo surgery to repair his vocal cords, which were damaged after 20 years of screaming at his shows. “I have to get surgery or else I cannot even speak anymore,” Aoki told fans on Facebook. “I’ve prolonged this surgery for quite some time and the doc said its now or never.”


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