Festival season is well and truly touching down in Bali over the next 2 weekends with Sunny Side Up at Potato Head, Dreamfields at GWK cultural centre & Kudeta’s Circus Du Freak to name some of the more familiar and hyped outings on the bucket list for the following weekends. We have put together 6 forget me nots and tips for you to consider before jumping on the party train and getting your groove on no matter what genre your rocking.

#1 Tickets
99 times out of 100 all the Bali festivals sell out in advance. Pre book your tickets in advance dont take the risk! Plus its always cheaper to buy in advance. You have been warned and you wont be the first tourist or visitor to turn up to Bali and be very annoyed at yourself for hanging on to long! Grab those tickets now and get ready to be a part of Bali’s summer of 2015.

#2 Plan Ahead
Book you travel, accommodation and on-ground transport as soon as you land or before you leave to board for Bali if possible. The influx of festival-goers to Bali means things book out very quickly. There’s also a bunch of satellite beach events, after parties and pool hangs that aren’t officially associated with the festivals, some open to the public, some ticketed, some RSVP only and some strictly guest listed. Do your research online before you go making sure you plans don’t go out the door and find yourself all alone back at camp no friends afterwards.

#3 Welcome To Bali
There’s more to Bali than parties and beaches. Spend some time exploring the different sides of Bali. Read some travel guides or find some time to get of the beaten track and find out what really happens and Bali away from the tourist meccas. Do some cooking classes, go get out to Lombok for a few days or take some yoga classes, Bali is your oyster so make the most of your time here not just camped up poolside hungover the entire stay.

#4. Pack Light
Show me someone who says lugging a heavy suitcase down a scorching Bali back street is fun and I’ll show you a liar. If you need to, try and find somewhere safe & central like your hotel consierge’s services to leave the bulk of your luggage and only take what you need for the day. Bali is hot during the day with temperatures slightly cooler at night in August so take the bare minimum you can afford to that will keep you comfortable for the slightly varying temperatures. Pre-plan your outfits and work out what will be practical – for example, a weight-distributing backpack might be easier to carry for the day than a heavy bag slung over one shoulder.

#5 Work out a game plan (then break it)
With so many DJS and love acts on the bill over the next few weekends, Bali is going to be a sensory overload. Once promoters release the set times, make a rough guide to which acts you most want to see and work around that. Once you arrive, sort out meeting points and times with your friends in case phone reception is scarce or you run out of battery. Keep in mind that walking through the huge crowds also adds minutes to your journey between stages so be flexible. That said, it’s also important to break your plan and go with the flow. Don’t walk past a stage or DJ you love because your friends want to go to the bar. #shaketherules

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#6 finally
Again, take something light to wear at night, be sun safe in the pounding Bali heat, drinks lots of water and put your phone on aeroplane mode to prevent your battery draining. Don’t be that guy who is passed out at 2pm missed the big shows and woke up cooked like a lobster. Make smart decisions and give your friends back home something to be much jealous of.


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