Every year in September the annual DJ Mag poll drops its top 100 list and the media, agents, managers and promoters go into a feeding frenzy. Furthermore every year somehow its leaked and to much negative publicity on the internet as per usual – the haters are out in force, the keyboard warriors stomp their fingers and the doubters keep on doubting.

After the last few leaks and the hype on artists like wonderkid Martin Garrrix it seems legit?

Will the youngest DJ ever take out the number 1 pole and are all the legends gone like Digweed & Sascha?
Will Hardwell be knocked from his number 1 roost and will we see the changing of the EDM guard?

Check out the list, make your own decision and lets see what really happens when its made official, or has it?

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.51.44 AM


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