Its no secret that the winners of the annual popularity content that is the DJ MAG top 100 in 2015 courtesy of Belgiums ‘Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’ have been victims of piles of internet hate mail for quite sometime. With their latest ‘paid for’ achievement you know the flood gates just busted that little bit beyond repair! In additional to their bogus perception of their skills in the studio (courtesy of the much publicized ghost production skills of Maarten Vorwerk) and employing the services of numerous other ‘fake the system’ machines & bots the cat is well and truly out of the bag proving beyond doubt money can most definitely buy them everything. Name and shame at its highest order and a great read for the EDM haters here!

With reports coming in from recent hometown super festival for our not so favourite Belgium duo Tomorrowland & the employing of dedicated staff with ipads begging for votes it really does make you wonder what its all coming down to? Our newsfeed for months has been clogged with sponsored adverts from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike asking for votes and considering a couple of things like they have out priced themselves to play in a region like Indonesia but asking for some love back in their direction it is really quite ironic & the greed that its all become?


Can a fairer system be put into place for further polls or is there where it all goes to from here on in? Who knows but one things for sure who ever wants the top spot next years going to have to get the cheque book out and spend up big.


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