It’s been a couple days now, but we’re all still lamenting the passing of David Bowie. Whether it be through DJ routines or simply stating their grief, the world has been busy honoring the legendary musician in some form or another. However, there’s nothing nearly as comforting as re-living the man’s performances and appearances. Fact Mag has just dug up David Bowie’s appearance on BBC Radio 1 from March 20th, 1979. Jockeying his most beloved records along with descriptions of his own experiences with them, this recording is an absolute gem, and the only DJ set we were able to unearth from the legend.

In an effortlessly seductive voice, Bowie introduces himself with a Perrier by his side, exclaims of the grayish cloud cover, and jumps right into the show. Giving us a little history to supplement each tune, he dives into the classics, skipping about his own musical influences, and finally arrives at the contemporary. The entire show has a little bit of everything, just give it a listen below.


The Doors – ‘Love Street’
Iggy Pop – ‘TV Eye’
John Lennon – ‘Remember’
? & The Mysterians – ’96 Tears’
Edward Elgar – ‘The Nursery Suite’ (extract)
Danny Kaye – ‘Inchworm’
Philip Glass – ‘Trial Prison’
The Velvet Underground – ‘Sweet Jane’
Mars – ‘Helen Fordsdale’
Little Richard – ‘He’s My Star’
King Crimson – ’21st Century Schizoid Man’
Talking Heads – ‘Warning Sign’
Jeff Beck – ‘Beck’s Bolero’
Ronnie Spector – ‘Try Some, Buy Some’
Marc Bolan – ’20th Century Boy’
The Mekons – ‘Where Were You?’
Steve Forbert – ‘Big City Cat’
The Rolling Stones – ‘We Love You’
Roxy Music – ‘2HB’
Bruce Springsteen – ‘It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City’
Stevie Wonder – ‘Fingertips’
Blondie – ‘Rip Her To Shreds’
Bob Seger – ‘Beautiful Loser’
David Bowie – ‘Boys Keep Swinging’
David Bowie – ‘Yassassin’
Talking Heads – ‘Book I Read’
Roxy Music – ‘For Your Pleasure’
King Curtis – ‘Something On Your Mind’
The Staple Singers – ‘Lies’



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