TommorrowWorld has been stuck in limbo ever since parent company SFX Entertainment filed for bankruptcy. The news that SFX was going to auction off Beatport and Fame House only seemed to further question the company’s future viability.

Now, the worst has come to pass. On the festival’s official Facebook page, a video has been posted officially canceling TomorrowWorld for 2016.

Dear Friends,
It’s with a heavy heart that we inform you, TomorrowWorld will not take place in 2016. Unfortunately in the current environment, it is not possible to give you the best and unique experience you deserve.
We will miss seeing each other in September and experiencing the magic of TomorrowWorld as one. You, the People of Tomorrow, the foundation of TomorrowWorld, are our inspiration.
Let’s lock and cherish all the magnificent memories in our hearts, this is not farewell…


The posting encourages previous attendees to “cherish all the magnificent memories” and declares “this is not farewell.” Despite the negativity surrounding SFX, fans will surely be looking for an announcement of the festival’s return in the future.

TomorrowWorld first took place in 2013 at Chattahoochee Hills in Georgia. As the North American off-shoot of famed international event Tomorrowland, the SFX-backed event has served as one of the largest US festivals to date. Last September, the festival hit a huge roadblock when it was forced to cancel its last day due to a weather catastrophe, stranding hundreds of attendees in the process.

We will be updating this page with any more information we received regarding TomorrowWorld’s official cancellation for 2016.


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