“There is a culture of drugs at Fabric which management cannot control,” stated Flora Williamson, sub-committee chair of Licensing at Islington Town Hall on Monday evening.

Williamson’s statement concluded a six-hour debate over the fate of London’s Fabric nightclub, with the final decision by the committee to revoke the venue’s license. Council members ultimately decided that the best way to prevent deaths within its boundaries would be to permanently close its doors.

Fabric has played an integral role in the international dance scene since its opening in 1999. The club has hosted some of the biggest names in both underground and mainstream dance music, including Sasha, Carl Cox, Armin van Buuren, and more. In 2001, it launched Fabric records, which hosted a series of mix compilations put together by adored DJs in the scene.

The club had been the recipient of public scrutiny due to the drug-related deaths of two 19 year-olds over the course of nine weeks, causing its license to be suspended and leaving its fate in the hands of the Town Hall for debate over its future.

DJs, producers, and fans came together in a last-ditch effort to stop the closure, outpouring their sentiments on social media while circulating a petition to save the venue. Meanwhile, mayor Saddiq Khan urged officials to find a solution that protected the clubbers and the club.

Mixmag, who broke the story, also reported security proposals were made throughout the meeting, including ideas such as banning higher BPM nights. Ultimately these efforts, combined with the support of fans and a 150k signature-strong petition, failed to sway those in power who seem to still believe that banning something or shutting a place down is still the solution to preventing drug deaths.



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