After Amazon announced their own foray into the realm of ticketing, Ticketmaster isn’t about to just sit idly by and loosen their grip on those precious stubs; the service has just announced a massive partnership with Spotify.

Spotify just worked out a deal with Songkick to inform fans of their favorite musicians coming to town, and now with Ticketmaster on board, users will be able to listen to their favorite music, get privy to tours, and swoop up tickets all in one place.

The whole thing is kind of similar to Pandora’s work with Ticketfly, however, Spotify isn’t going to let all that be up to your nifty application, oh no, they’re going to start hitting your inbox with *gasp* show recommendations.

Ticketmaster’s global scale provides Spotify users with the most diverse options for live events and will help drive more fans to concerts. Working directly with the Ticketmaster team and their data feeds will simplify the purchase experience and deepen our understanding of how recommendations drive sales.

We’ll continue partnering with Songkick for concerts that aren’t being sold via Ticketmaster. Through Songkick’s comprehensive database of shows, we’ll ensure that every date — no matter who you ticket through — is listed and can be recommended to fans around the world.



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