Facebook has taken its next step twoard becoming a viable alternative to Snapchat by adding a feature that allows users to create and use their very own photo frames. The new tool encourages users to download a template and craft customized location and event-based frames, much in the same way that Snapchat’s geo-filter feature works. This is the first time that Facebook has let users make their own frames, despite having the function available since 2015.

Users who want to create their own frame can visit Facebook’s official instructions page, where all of the necessary steps are laid out. After designing a PNG with a transparent background, users submit the idea to Facebook. After about a week, if their design is approved, they can begin using and sharing their frame with friends. The service even allows users to track the statistics of their design, to see how many people have used it on their own profiles.

Currently, the feature is only available in the UK, Ireland, Colombia, Mexico and Taiwan, according to TechCrunch. There are plans to soon introduce it to the US and other countries, however.



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