N64 Mini News – Hardware and list of games leaked?

A potential design for the Nintendo 64 Mini might have been leaked online, although we’d take things with a pinch of salt until official confirmation. Nacho on Twitter has provided a series of images which appear to feature the N64 Mini, and many of them look quite genuine. These could always just be professional renders, though.

Nacho claims to have received the images from an inside contact, although they have decided to remain anonymous. If fake, the creator has done an incredible job creating a piece of hardware that looks very accurate to the original design. It also support similar controller ports to the SNES and NES Mini, further adding to credibility.

How many can consumers expect? The NES Mini had thirty games; the SNES Mini has 20+1…will a potential N64 Mini stick with twenty or drop to fifteen…ten!? Hopefully not. Twenty would still be reasonable and I think any less would receive a backlash. The incoming PlayStation Mini has twenty games so it would be unthinkable for Nintendo to release a classic console with less. It feels like 20 is a set benchmark now. In terms of what could be on there? Well, the following are stone cold certs – Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, StarFox 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, F-Zero X. Therefore, many more spaces up for grabs. Check out our full prediction of games here. Emulation will be tough and hopefully everyone will receive the NTSC versions of such games as Mario Kart 64 which ran slower on PAL.

Surprisingly, there has been no speculation on the price of a potential N64 Mini. The others’ RRP were £49.99 and £69.99 respectively. However, expect it to be higher – the PlayStation Mini is £90 and we expect the N64 Mini to be of a similar price. if it came with 4 controllers and Nintendo had acquired the rights to some of Rare’s back catalogue then it’d be worth the higher price than its predecessors. Further reasons for a potentially higher RRP would be increased production costs and emulation challenge.


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